The Hard Road Trio appearing with King Ibu Nov. 5 and 6

November 1, 2016

Greetings, Friends!

We want all of our NM and El Paso friends to know that you have the opportunity to see The Trio in concert with our wonderful friend from Senegal (by way of Las Vegas), KING IBU. He has been an inspiration to us and we know he will be to you. The fusion of our collective original tunes and the infectious grooves that ensue when we get together make for an excellent live music experience. You can hear us Saturday, November 5th at 7pm at Star City Studios in El Paso and Sunday, the 6th at 2pm at the Center for Spiritual Living in Downtown Las Cruces. The Sunday afternoon concert is a special boon to those of you who like to enjoy music during the daylight hours. Speaking of which, Daylight Savings Time ends this Sunday. We can fall back together! Also coming up in November 26th Steve Smith will make a rare solo appearance at the High Desert Brewery.


The Tip of the Month is a great read by Simon Sinek called Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action recommended to me by musician extraordinaire Nate Lee. The crux of the book is that we spend a lot of time concentrating on “what” to do when effective action comes from beginning with “why” we want to do something. Being in alignment with others with clear “whys” leads to an effective organization. Sinek cites some great examples and provides ample food for thought.


A reminder: Steve is available for Skype lessons. Please contact him at if you’re interested.


Thanks again to all who came to Kingston for our third annual Desert Night Acoustic Music Camp. What a great group of folks! We’re happy to announce that our 2017 camp will take place Oct. 6-8, the weekend before what we shall now call “DNA Music Day.” (Take that, Columbus!)


And as Thanksgiving approaches, may your travels be safe, may your families and friends be reunited in peace and harmony, and may your music bring you the joy that only it can bring. The Hard Road Trio is very grateful for your friendship, for the privilege of playing music for (and with) you, and for the opportunity to make music with each other these many years.

Thanks to all!


Chris, Steve and Anne

The Hard Road Trio

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