Rare Bird Download


RARE BIRD was captured as the Hard Road Trio flew across the northern US on their Fall 2014 tour in studios in Minneapolis, Ft. Collins CO and Las Cruces NM.  A showcase of CHRIS SANDERS’ songwriting and song styling, this recording includes reflections on nature (“Snow Geese”, “Blue Heron”), young love (“Roll in the Night”), a quirky take on a Beatle’s tune (“Nowhere Man”), a sermonette (“Don’t Put Down Your Guitar”) and a haunting setting of a Thomas Wolfe poem (“A Stone, a Leaf”). The light-hearted grooves of “When I Speak French” and “C Minor Street” round out the collection. Featuring the incomparable talents of Steve Smith (octave mandolin and mandolin) and Anne Luna (bass) with special appearances by Bob Hull (electric guitar), Danny Sullivan (cajon) and Todd Menton (bodhran).

Track List:

Snow Geese

Roll in the Night

A Stone, A Leaf

Don’t Put Down Your Guitar

When I Speak French

Nowhere Man

C Minor Street

Blue Heron




This album is also available as a CD here.