Other Places, Times and Lives – CD


Bluegrass and folk with vocals, mandolin, guitar, fiddle, mandola and mandocello.

“Instrumentally, no one can hold a candle to Smith. Here he plays mandolin, mandola, mandocello, and guitar and seems equally adept at all. He uses each instrument to its best, using the mandola for fiddle-tune things, and the guitar for a bigger sound.”

Track List:

Billy The Kid
Anna Mae
Antibellum Waltz
How Will I be Simple Again
Whistle Stop
Shady Grove
Daughter of Mcleod
Mariner Ward
Big Train
Fiddle Tune Medley
Working on a Building



  • Tim O’Brien – fiddle
  • Bob Hull – bass
  • Jane Horton – vocals
  • Jin Shearer – tuba
  • Bart Trotter – fiddle and viola
  • Gordon Butler – cello

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