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Only So Fast is a collection of ten originals plus contributions from Kim McKee and Leadbelly with hard driving bluegrass and old-time to modern acoustic music. In his liner notes author, composer and banjo player Bill Evans observes: “Eclectic. Original. Virtuosic. Toneful, tuneful and tasteful. These are just a few of the first thoughts that come to mind when I reflect about the remarkable new music you are now holding in your hands from Steve Smith and Hard Road…”

“Save Me” – Best Gospel, “This Dream” – Best Bluegrass, Best Package Design, NM Music Awards

Track List:

Only So Fast
Eden Prairie
Nate's Rambles
Save Me
Whoa Back Buck
Dry Spell
Toon Tune
Rowan Tree
This Dream
I Shot My Gun
Dune Matoon
The Real You


  • Steve Smith – mandolin, vocals, guitar
  • Chris Sanders – vocals
  • Elijah Copeland – bass, vocals
  • Bob Hull – guitar
  • Wayne Shrubsall – banjo, vocals
  • Nate Lee – fiddle


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