Murder of Crows – Download


Track List:

 Listening to the Rain

 Live Oak

 Murder of Crows

She’s Dancin’ Now

Doves Crows and Buzzards

Someday My Prince Will Come

I Still Love these Blues

The Last Time I Saw You

We’ll Leave



Murder of Crows is a collection of seven originals and two covers including the Osborne Brothers Listening to the Rain and the Disney theme, now jazz standard Someday my Prince will come in duo and trio settings with bassist Anne Luna and Erik Unsworth, and guest vocalist Chris Sanders. These selections range from intimate and personal  to hard core Grass and reflect the unique voice these two musicians have developed in performance and studio. 
It’s well known that mandolin and guitar duets played a lively role in homegrown entertainment and later shaped the sound of bluegrass and early country music (as witness the Monroe Brothers, the Blue Sky Boys, and others). In recent years, David Grisman has celebrated this wonderful sound in albums with Tony Rice, Martin Taylor, and others. Now, Tim May (guitar and vocals) and Steve Smith (mandolin, octave mandolin, and vocals) are also honoring this tradition—and even advancing it.
Bluegrass Unlimited (2016)
Murder of Crows is also available as a CD here.


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