Songwriter Intensive at the Black Range Lodge May 2016

Desert Night Acoustic Music

Songwriter Camp

The Black Range Lodge in Kingston, New Mexico

  May 5-7, 2017

Join us at the Lodge for dinner and a song circle, Friday, May 5th followed by two full days of activities Saturday and Sunday.

Each day starts with movement and music that helps to prime the pump and get us in a good space to explore new possibilities. Our faculty is excited to share our individual areas of interest and expertise in small group classes. Because this camp is limited to 15 participants, we look forward to working with you individually.

2017 Faculty:

The Hard Road Trio – Chris Sanders, Steve Smith and Anne Luna

Inspired and inspiring songwriter Tom Adler (Santa Fe University of Art and Design)

Our special 2017 guest: Life coach Dr. Martha Rowe will join us for a session provocatively titled “Exercise your Courage Muscle.” Like Wonder Bread, we’ll be building strong songwriters 12 ways (for those of you old enough to remember this commercial.)

This will be a great opportunity to have time, instruction and inspiration for your writing. There’s a lot to be gained from a gathering of our fellow creative artists, and as always, the care and feeding of the musician is our top priority.

Fee for this session:  $180 plus tax                                                                                                       Please call Catherine at the Black Range Lodge to arrange for lodging and meals. Camping spaces are available. (, 575-895-5652 | 800-676-5622) 

To register, email Chris at or call 575-571-5298.